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We'll get together in your home to become familiar with your pets and discuss all the details.

What to Expect


Pet Sitting

Animal Au Pair believes pets are much more comfortable and secure in their own familiar surroundings. That is why we come to your home and care for your pet(s) so they never have to be taken to an impersonal kennel. We also keep your home in order by bringing in your mail and newspaper, watering your plants, cleaning and refreshing pet food and water bowls, brushing out your pet's coat, walking your dogs, or cleaning cat litter, and switching lights on and off to fool potential burglars.

      $18 per visit for one or two pets. This 30-45 minute visit is based on the needs of the pet(s).

             Add $2 per visit for each additional pet.


Pet Exercising

If you work long hours and worry about your pet having to wait for you to get home, have an active breed dog who needs a diversion during the day, or have a dog who can't "hold it" all day, Animal Au Pair offers mid-day potty/exercise breaks. We will take your dog for a walk, or play ball/frisbee in the yard. This 20-30 minute visit is perfect for busy working "parents". Pricing is for an ongoing commitment of 3 or more walks per week. All others will be full price as listed above in " Pet Sitting".

     $14 for 1 or 2 dogs

     $16 for 3 or 4 dogs

     $18 for 5 or 6 dogs

Pet Grooming

We offer some grooming services, such as bathing, nail trimming, ear flushing, or tooth brushing*. Grooming is only available in combination with a pet sitting or exercising visit. A basic brush/detangle is always included with your pet sitting visit. We will make every effort to accommodate your pet, however, if he is too squirmy for us to complete the service, we will not charge you.

     Flush and clean ears - $5

     Clip nails - $5

     Brush teeth - $10

     Bathe and dry* - $20 (Small), $25 (Medium), $35 (Large), $50 (X-Large)

*Animal Au Pair does not have mobile grooming equipment. We supply dog shampoo and towels, but we must use your water.

Overnight Stays

We offer overnight stays for special pets, such as older dogs in need of frequent bathroom breaks, dogs who get into trouble if not supervised, dogs who have separation anxiety, or any pet who needs extra loving and spoiling! This service is based upon availability, so please call ahead.

     Non holidays - $75 per night
     Holidays - $100 per night

          (Holidays are New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor

          Day, Thanksgiving and the day after, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.)

Home Security Checks

If you don't have a pet, but travel often and worry about leaving your home unattended, Animal Au Pair can come by your home to bring in the mail and paper, alternate the lights, confirm doors and windows are locked, water plants, and generally make the home look occupied.

     $20 per visit.

Vendor Sitting

Do you have to take a vacation day to wait for the cable company, furniture delivery, plumber/electrician, or other repairs? If you need the AC fixed,  but have an important meeting at the office, just call Animal Au Pair! We can wait at your home for the vendor to arrive and complete the task. This  service is based on availability so please call ahead.

     $25 per hour with a 1 hour minimum.

Key Return/Lockout

Once you become our customer, we will keep your key so that we will have it ready each time you need us. If you would like us to return your key after you come home, there is a $15 fee to deliver it to you.

In addition, if you should ever lock yourself out, we can bring our copy of your key to let you back in. This service is also $15.

Lori is the best. My dogs look forward to me leaving so Lori can take care of them. She is extremely good, trustworthy and reliable. I would never trust my dogs to anyone but Lori. You can count on her, The true test is when you come back and you have un-stressed animals waiting.

Have a nice trip!


Off you go to enjoy yourself, or take care of business without any worries about your home or your pets.

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Lori has a deep and abiding respect for animals and a unique way of making connections with them. You can trust Lori to take good care of your beloved pet.